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Activated acting is acting with courage, vulnerability and awakened confidence.  When choices come from a combination of understanding story and your place within it, as well as your own personal worldview and emotional resonance your work changes.  Learn to listen to your intuition and your "Inner Muse" to move your performance to the next level.  Learn how to connect with your body, your mind, your emotions while carving out your interior landscape in each scene to bring forth a truthful, authentic expression.


• 45 minutes of 1 on 1 coaching with Natalie

• Script analysis

• Professional audition technique

• Story comprehension

• Execution of strong choices along side tools to unblock your energetic body in the audition process

• Access to Natalie via VOXER up to the audition for last minute questions and techniques
for dealing with nervous energy or self-sabotage as it arises.

* A customized PEP TALK in an MP3 to activate the most authentic powerful audition experience

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*Begins May 1st 2019-JULY 31st 2019


I recently finished writing my baby, A Manual of Activated Living. Everything I’ve ever experienced and grown from…all of my experiences…everything in my heart…I have channeled it into what I thought was a nearly 200 page book. But it’s more than a book…it’s a complete guide for living an authentic activated life. It’s a manual for moving from WANTING to ENJOYING and creating the life of your dreams NOW. I am ready to share it and assist EVERYONE of you in living an activated life that you love, because without being fully connected and in your birthright of joy and authentic power…you remain stuck on the hamster wheel of old conditioning and other people's needs. Your outer life is a reflection of your inner. And it is giving you VALUABLE information on exactly how to move from what you don't want to what you do.
Once we shift that…anything is possible.

I know this better than anyone.Transformation cannot come from reading a book. That is why so many "self help" or "shelf help" books end up offering momentary relief at best. The magic and growth of true transformation comes from having support, unconditional love and someone to help you in real time when the triggers come up as you are rewiring neuro pathways and cultivating new habits and tools. When you are surrounded by those who are living and breathing in the same container as you - people who you can lean on and who can lean on you - you feel safe and held and are able to let go fully into TRUST. When you think you can’t move through the fear, having someone who has done it and who is a stand for you and is cheering you on while you cross the bridge to your freedom is where the change happens.

The road does not have to be hard or one you travel in isolation.
With ongoing mentorship your courage will soar and your life will too.

Eckart Tolle said, "Life is not here to make you happy it is here to make you conscious." And being conscious can be the ULTIMATE happiness when we let go of our control, resistance and open our hearts to a loving Universe that is actually FOR our dreams.

Along the way sometimes we have to let go of deep attachments. Friendships, work environments and even marriages sometimes need to be released to create the space for your unlimited self, but trust me, what comes in, is more profound and life changing than you could ever imagine.

I know this path. And I want to walk it now with you. I am going to give you the manual, the tools and the confidence to Activate your life. I am going to hold your hand and give you support and watch you go from caterpillar to butterfly. You will not recognize yourself at the end of our 6 months together and will be fully awakened to a new life that YOU have created and a career, relationships and open heart that reflects your authentic self.



* Unlimited Voxer access and support for whatever comes up on the journey in real time

* A private dedicated Facebook Group with support from me and other members of this intimate program allowing your growth in a Community environment.

* Once a week online classes

* Leading Edge of Growth Videos to highlight each module

* Access to Guided Meditations and energetically healing tools to support each module

* Access to the ACTIVATED LIVING Workbook and exercises to access powerful change and transformation

* A safe and encouraging environment to allow for deep vulnerability and personal growth with both group and one on one support from me

* Exercises designed to drop conditioned beliefs, negative self talk and the inner critic

* Exercises designed to heal body image, destructive patterns of thought, lack and scarcity mindset, and the re enactment of wounds

* Exercises to create new mindset, to activate a loving present and future and to eradicate limits and fear by creating a powerful new paradigm